Swimming in Data.

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We are inundated, and in some cases, controlled by Big Data. Technology created the ability to record all sorts of data, which generated the ability to collect and analyze massive amounts of data; which stimulated the desire to use that data in predictive analysis and marketing. Technology begat data; which begat data analysis; which begat data predictions; which begat data marketing. We’re swimming in data. We can’t get enough—it is seductive and ever expanding. 

And, as more (and better) software is developed to gather, manage, analyze and create predictive models, we will have more and more data, and more and more ways to use it.

Of course, there are limits to using Big Data. Swimming in data doesn’t necessarily mean that the right information is being captured, or that people will make smart(er) decisions around all of this massive amount of 

information. As marketers, we still need to make sure we have clean data, enough data (to make predictions) and inquisitive, creative minds to analyze and imagine effective and innovative plans and programs. And most importantly, the ability to see the big picture of Big Data, by stepping away from it and using smart-judgment which is informed-by not held-hostage-by Big Data.

So, swim with the data—don’t drown in it.

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