T.G.I. Friday's is introducing Korean Tacos to mass-fast-casual dining.

The massification of Korean tacos has hit its peak. The trend had its start with gourmet food trucks in Los Angeles serving them as a hand-food delicacy. And now that they’ve found their way into the fast-casual food chain, one could say that the life cycle of the trend is now complete.

By the time cultural delicacies hit the American mall food court they are usually sanitized within an inch of their tastiness. But T.G.I. Friday's steak tacos are served with Sriracha (hello Middle America!) ginger-lime slaw, cucumbers, fresh cilantro, basil.

T.G.I. Friday's has 17 new dishes including new vegetarian options and more shareable appetizers including Salted Carmel Cake, White Cheddar Spicy Beef Queso, and a Spicy Craft Beer Cheese Burger.

"At Friday's, we're always looking for ways to satisfy our guests' cravings, including creating new menu items that provide our guests with a wide variety of options, whether they are dining in or grabbing a quick bite," said Ricky Richardson, chief operating officer at T.G.I. Friday's.

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