The Academy Awards, Wes Anderson and Hyundai make "Big Voices in Big Places."

The Academy Awards telecast is one of the few big television events that bring the country to their collective television sets. Over 37 million viewers are projected to tune to ABC this Sunday. And, the advertisers will be ready.

Hyundai has chosen to take advantage of the broad audience platform to launch a new campaign for its 2012 Azera. Hyundai is a frequent advertiser on event-TV, having spent major bucks just recently on a series of spots on the Super Bowl. They're also return-players to the Oscar telecast. They're calling their current strategy "Big Voices in Big Places." (I love a brand that names its strategies!).

The campaign for the Azera was directed by Hollywood filmmaker Wes Anderson ("The Royal Tannenbaums," "Rushmore" and "The Fantastic Mr. Fox"). So, it seems like a good tie-in to Hollywood's biggest night. Hey, it got us writing about it, didn't it?

The first spot titled, "Modern Life” pays homages to Knight Rider, The Spy Who Loved Me, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and The Italian Job all crammed into a thirty-second spot.

The second spot, “Talk to My Car,” and follows writer Anderson’s formula of controlled chaos.

Both spots focus on the car’s high-end features and connectivity system called Blue Link. While I'm not a fan of commercials that focus on a single product feature, I like the fact that both spots have a general feel similar to Anderson’s movies. And they've got that cool retro-feel that's popular right now. They used the star-director wisely.

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