The Art of Shaving introduces its first national campaign: “Welcome to the brotherhood of shaving”

When a small brand gets purchased by a large CPG company, chances are that they'll get a big (or at least bigger) advertising budget designed to expand the brand--budget resources they could not have accessed without a big company backing.

So appears to be the case for the Art of Shaving, an upscale brand of products that includes shaving cream for $22 and shaving brushes for as much as $600.

They were purchased in 2009 by the CPG daddy of them all--Procter & Gamble.

And, now comes word that they have just launched their first national advertising campaign. The ads, run with the tagline “Welcome to the brotherhood of shaving” and created by legendary Madison Avenue agency BBDO New York, first appeared in NYC's Grand Central Terminal and are scheduled to run in December issues of men’s magazines like Esquire, GQ and Details.

Welcome to the Brotherhood, indeed.

More on the Art of Shaving and their latest campaign, in The New York Times.

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