The Babyccino: a decaf cappuccino for your toddler

A little while back, we posted on Baby Gaga Ice Cream, made from real breast milk.

Now, we found the perfect cafe companion--the Babyccino.

Imagine a small decaf cappuccino served piping hot to your child's stroller, maybe with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top, or perhaps poured into a sippy cup.

Yes, certain coffee houses in the family-rich Brooklyn neighborhoods of Fort Greene and Park Slope are serving cappuccinos for the toddling set.

Is this an urban legend, or hard-core news?

We're getting our scoop from Brooklyn Paper which says the Babyccino is real, served off-menu, and priced around $2. Apparently, the trend started in Australia about a decade ago with milk-only babyccinos and quickly became the bane of many a barista’s existence, according to Aussie coffee expert Paul Caligiore. “Babyccinos have become so popular in Australia it would be difficult to find a cafe that doesn’t have them on their menu.

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