The latest Rachel Zoe project: teaming up with LG Mobile to launch "Marquee"--a lifestyle-oriented phone targeted to young women

The Rachel Zoe brand has just endorsed a new phone for LG.

Zoe, who has been a well-known celebrity stylist for years, has seen her brand become ubiquitous since signing on to her own reality show on Bravo. A broad audience platform was clearly the draw that LG Mobile hopes will help launch its newest phone -- the "Marquee" to a desireable group of young female consumers. LG's latest campaign strategy is part of its overall strategy to become a more lifestyle-oriented brand.

The endorsement includes a web series titled "Style Rules" where Zoe will use a competition-style features to ask style bloggers to create looks tied to the Android smartphone's brand.

"We're targeting a younger female audience and we're calling it the stylish phone," said Erica Molina-Cortez, senior digital manager for LG Mobile. "Naturally, Rachel Zoe is almost a perfect plug-in for us. We wanted to leverage her style and social-media stature and that's also why we're doing it in a digital media environment."

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