The OfficeMax Holiday Party Bingo

OfficeMax, the folks who encourage you to "Elf Yourself" every holiday season, have come up with something new to celebrate the season.

The OfficeMax Holiday Party Bingo App is the retailer's attempt to replace the fun of the long-ago-cancelled office holiday party.

It is an iPhone application that works in conjunction with a Facebook application. Users stylize their own bingo game with categories ranging from "Last Man Standing" and "Most Elftastic" to "Appetizer King" and "World's Wildest Dancer." The multiuser game allows players to make predictions about their own holiday party by nominating friends or coworkers in those different categories.

While not as festive as watching Jake, the mailroom clerk get drunk and swing from the chandelliers, it does look like a bit of mindless fun for the holidays.

Source: MediaPost

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