THE SEARCHER: 7 Ways to Screw up Your SEO.

There are many website owners out there that simply cannot get out of their own way when it comes to improving their SEO. Every once in a while I bump into someone that is simply making more harm than good when it comes to how their site is visible in the search space. You have to make sure you understand the techniques allowed when it comes to search engine visibility.

Here are 7 ways to screw up your own SEO efforts:

  1. Remove Content Entirely: One of the worst things you can do from an SEO stand point is to remove your content entirely. If you have content that has some significant age the proper technique is tweak the existing out. Removing it and replacing it entirely could cause your SEO rankings to tank quite a bit. Search engines love age, it shows stability.
  2. Forgetting to Put Your Marketing Hat On: These days it is more important than ever before to really have a marketing hat on. If you are still attempting SEO techniques from years ago you could very well be going in the wrong direction. If marketing is something you don’t really enjoy handling your own SEO is not going to lead to anything good.
  3. Attempting to Automate: Software cannot build up a companies’ brand. You can’t put your marketing on auto pilot and expect to see great results. Search engine marketing requires a hands on approach and a brain.
  4. Optimizing for the Wrong Keywords: If you optimize a website you want to make sure you are going after the right keywords. Find out what your website is already ranking for before you optimize because you could remove keywords accidentally that are actually driving you business.
  5. Using Outdated SEM Techniques: If you haven’t heard Google is going through many algorithm changes right now. If you are attempting crazy techniques like link wheels and buying links you could find yourself in the penalty box for quite a while.
  6. Forget about Optimization Entirely: I know it sounds crazy right? Sometimes people don’t even remember to optimize their pages thinking a little on the homepage is just fine. Each page needs its own strategy for things to really start working for you.
  7. Accidental No Index File: Some website owners have actually accidentally inserted a No Index file tag on the site causing it to be pulled out of search. Imaging giving your boss that memo?
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