THE MARKETEER: From Mad Ave to Hollywood—advertising, entertainment, publishing, and marketing with THE FIVE-STIR’s wit and wisdom.

THE MARKETEER balances art and science, wit and wisdom, and the will of the exec staff verses the needs of the consumer. THE MARKETEER is a fan of the designer, the copywriter, the brand ambassador, the media buyer, the researcher and the strategist.

THE MARKETEER is for the Mad Men, the Booth Babes and the Demo Dollies. It’s for the Suits, the Pitchmen, the Flacks, and their Fanboys. 

THE MARKETEER is fluent in ROI, SEM and SEO. We know the difference between POS and CSS, an RFP and a CMS; TRP’s and CPM; B2B vs. B2C, and SOV and SOM. THE MARKETEER knows a good USP when they see it, and knows how to translate it into an elevator pitch, a tagline, and a campaign.

THE MARKETEER is on the agency-side, and the client-side—and is always on the side of the consumer.

THE MARKETEER looks for engagement, discovery and advocacy opportunities. They call out the flops and the phonies, and praise those who elevate the profession.

If THE FIVE-STIR is a beach swarming with sunbathers, bodysurfers, and kids building sand castles, THE MARKETEER is an exclusive WiFi cabana complete with a plasma TV, cocktails and spritzer boy.

Take a look around.

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