The Top Five Ways Sex Sells.

Between gratuitous magazine covers, salacious movie trailers, and our very own carnal desires, you've just got to face it, sex sells. Here's a recap of the top five ways companies are using your own lustful thoughts to grab your attention.

1) American Apparel: The Mother of Lewd Advertising Gives Birth To Activism.

The world has changed quite a bit in the last hundred years and today’s continuing civil rights movement for the LGBT community helps us understand that we’ve got a ways to go, but last year American Apparel took one small step for man, and one giant step for transgender youth by featuring Isis King, born biologically male and a former contestant on America’s Next Top Model, in their National “Legalize Gay” campaign.

2) Porn Website To Titillate And Promote Animal Rights And Vegan Diets.

PETA has never been one to opt for subtlety when it comes to their advertisement, but the announcement that will be entering the pornographic marketplace certainly made waves this year. Check out some of their “Hardcore” NSFW videos here.

3) Ben & Jerry’s Is None To Pleased With A XXX Pornmockery Series Called “Ben & Cherry’s”

The Ice Cream giant filed and won a Lawsuit this year against pornographic production company Caballero Films for their slew of Ben & Jerry’s inspired skin flicks. And maybe it’s just me, but a Peanut Butter D-Cup sounds pretty great.

4) Infographic: Would You Give Up Alcohol & Sex For Your Smartphone?

How much do you love your smartphone? Enough to, forgo paying other bills, buying groceries, or having sex? You’d be surprised at what lengths people might go to have constant access to their Wi-Fi connected appendage.

5) Autorotica: How Sex Sells The Fiat 500E As An Eco-Sexy Seductress.

We all know cars can exude sex appeal, but what happens when Italian automobile manufacturer markets their Fiat 500E, a small, electric odd ball sort of a car, as a confident, speedy, babe magnet? Check it out.

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