The ultimate mobile billboard: Advertising on the exterior of a Spirit Airlines plane will cost you a cool $14 million

When it comes to airports and airlines, nothing is off limits when it comes to advertising. From sponsored tray tables and seat-backs, to Zappos' deal to plaster the bottom of the TSA trays with branded content, every inch of the travel experience is "brought to you by" someone. When I was traveling through JFK last week I must have seen several hundred branded billboards for HSBC alone.

So, it is with little surprise that Spirit Airlines decided to sell the exterior of every Spirit Airlines jet to the highest bidder.

The asking price? $14 million for a full year of round trip flights.

Clearly that's for those who can afford First Class.

If you're more inclined to purchase Coach, Spirit has a program $196,000 for three months of ads on the overhead bins in Spirit's planes, $119,000 for ads on the tray tables or $18,500 for ads on air-sickness bags.

Yes, it seems that everything does have its price.

But are the airlines going too far?

Marketing consultant (and friend of 5 Blogs Before Lunch) Bruce Silverman, a former creative director at three of the largest ad agencies, says many frequent fliers "regard their in-flight experience as their private time, when they can hold normal intrusions of the outside world at bay." The growth of in-flight advertising "is repellent to these passengers" — an "insult" to paying customers, he says.

"There is already too much advertising clutter in the world," Silverman says. "I truly believe advertisers who choose to intrude on airline passengers are likely to lose — not gain — customers."

Source: USA Today

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