The Year in Words: For lovers of invented language.

\ I’ve always been intrigued by word-lovers, and name creators. I’ve worked with several brand language and naming experts, and I love how their minds work.
One of my favorites is Deborah Schatten, who’s nearly obsessive about word-making--so much so, she’s launched a new blog called “The Year in Words” filled with newly invented terms that are inspired by the news.
“I envision The Year in Words  as a window onto American culture -- and a place to introduce new terms into the mainstream and to the media,” said Schatten.
Deborah knows of what she speaks. She’s spawned over 50,000 names for products made by such companies as Apple, Quaker Oats, and Clorox. And now her new blog will share her expertise with other lovers of invented language.
Here’s some recent new words for you to integrate into your daily dialog:
Alarmpits™ (uh-LARM-pits)
Definition: Armpits that cause alarm. Particularly those that have visible hair and belong to celebrity women.
Definition: When a company lands a celebrity to be a member of its board of directors. Usually in preparation for cashing in on the star's fame.
Stripstress™ (STRIP-striss)
Definition: A stripper who is also a mistress.
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