new ad campaign misses the mark

You may have caught the new advertising campaign for

They're a job-search site for professional jobs with salaries $100K+

Their new television campaign called "More Attractive" is designed to show how TheLadders makes professional candidates more attractive to employers and recruiters.The campaign was created by Fallon Minneapolis.

The campaign walks the fine line of humor, and falls off in spectacular form.

The spot running currently feautres potential "job seekers" doing what you shouldn't do--showing off in unflattering ways.

The concept of showing "the wrong way" rather than "right way" just doesn't work. The viewer is left wondering if thinks these unattractive, ridiculous-acting models are what's expected of them. Does think that posing in ridiculous positions make you "More Attractive?" Because it doesn't.

I know this wasn't the intended message, but it sure comes off that way to me.

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