This year's Super Bowl will have a Car-Lot Full of Automobile Ads, and a Boat-Load of Entertainment.

There was a time in advertising when the television networks would sell advertisers "exclusive" rights to programs, blocking their competitors from advertising right next to their ads. You could buy program exclusives, pod exclusives (no competitors during the same commercial break) or national and local exclusives. Now, the idea of one company having "exclusive" rights to the Super Bowl is laughable.

While we don't expect to see back-to-back cars ads on this year's Super Bowl, we do expect to see a lot of automakers hawking their wares. Here's a sample of FIVE (of course) new automotive spots set to debut on the Super Bowl:

KIA: A Dream Car for Real Life (with Motley Crue)

Lexus GS: "The Beast"

Audi: "Vampire Party"

Acura: Jerry Seinfeld

Toyota: "It's Reinvented"

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