TV and online usage now at equal levels. Newspaper, magazine, and radio usage decline.

The time that U.S. Households spend watching TV each week has not changed very much in the last 5 years. But, according to Forrester Research, time spent with newspapers is off by 26%, magazines by 18% and radio by 15%.

And, how are we filling that time (and more)?

We are spending time online, of course. Internet usage has skyrocketed--up 121% since 2005 to an average of 13 hours per week. That's about as much time as we spend watching TV.

It is worthy to note that over a third of the hours online are for work purposes, while TV is nearly exclusively a leisure activity.

Demographically, younger consumers (18-30) have been spending more time online than watching TV for some time, but for the first time, people 31-44 are also spending more time online than with TV.

Source: Adweek


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