Typo in ad promotes the virtues of a "pubic" school education

At first glance we thought it might be a photo-shop hoax.

Then the organization who misspelled "public" as "pubic" in the ad promoting the value of a proper public school education took credit for the typo.

The electronic billboard was posted in South Bend, Indiana (home of Notre Dame University) trying to advertise the "15 Best Things About Our Public Schools" as part of the City of South Bend's Redevelopment Commission to promote the community.

Apprarently one of the best things is not learnin' too spel. <grin>

Responsibility for the spelling error has been claimed by the Blue Waters Group. The company does work for the city of South Bend's redevelopment commission to promote the city.

"I feel terrible. It's a mistake we made and we're guilty of it, and responsible for it. and we take full responsibility for the error," said Patrick Strickler, president of the Blue Waters Group.

The message went up in the afternoon on September 16 and was removed and corrected four days later. By that time, however, plenty of people had time to notice and comment on the typo.

Source: South Bend Tribune and Parentdish

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