Ubiquitous Hello Kitty gets a Smart Car

The shock-value of the invasion of Hello Kitty-branded merchandise has long-since faded.

So, it is without surprise that I'm reporting on the partnership between Sanrio, owner of the Hello Kitty brand, and Smart cars.

Sanrio, which is celebrating it's 50th anniversary, has partnered with Smart to bring three Hello Kitty full-body wraps to the mini-cars.

The wraps come with a three-year warranty and are priced from $550 for a partial wrap (two-door panel) and $1,700 for full wraps.

"Our collaboration with Smart USA allows fans to truly embrace the Hello Kitty lifestyle," said Janet Hsu, president of Sanrio. "This is the first time that Sanrio will offer a Hello Kitty car in the United States."

Source: c|net

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