UPS takes "Logistics" to the streets of Chicago and does a Flashdance (a distant relative to the Flash Mob).

UPS' new campaign centers aroung the concept of "Logistics."

I've previously posted about how much I like their catchy jingle.

But now, they've taken the jingle to the streets (and YouTube) in what can best be called a Flashdance (a variant of a Flash Mob).

A group of choerographed dancers, backed by a blaring sound track (and a video crew), took to the streets of Chicago and performed to the company's catchy jingle in front of the Wrigley Building.

While the crowd of on-lookers seemed sparce, and the performance a mix of Glee, high school drill team and off-Broadway musical dancers; the concept of taking their brand to the streets--where you always see the brown-shirted UPS crew, and using social media to extend their campaign, should be well-respected.

Nice job, Brown.

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