Want to smell soft and a little fruity, you know, like Mary J. Blige?

Celebrity fragrances seem ubiquitous.

The latest celebrity to enter the scent-hawking business is Mary J. Blige.

It astonishes me how many fans will shell out good money to fulfill a fantasy of smelling like a celebrity.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the power of brand more than most, but it still surprises me to see what lengths fans will go to get close to celebrities.

Blige's new fragrance is called My Life and will be hawked on HSN starting July 31.

The singer reportedly spent seven months creating the scent with the company Carol's Daughter.

"It's all a reflection of my personality," Blige tells The Associated Press. "Me and a lot of my fans want to smell soft and a little fruity -- but not too fruity with bees chasing us around - and also strong and beautiful... It's all there."

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