Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig market "innovative" shifts in weight loss programs

'tis the season when attention is drawn to America's collective mid-section.

Holiday parties, family feasts, alcoholic drinks, and bad airport food all lead to calorie-overload, and post holiday diet regrets.

But, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig, leaders in the $55 billion weight loss industry, are ready to help Americans get back on track with new programs and advertising.

First up is Weight Watchers, who has launched a new campaign with singer Jennifer Hudson. The campaign has Hudson remaking the 1965 song "Feeling Good". She'll also perform the song during ABC's New Year's Eve festivities, and will be available on iTunes.

The campaign focuses on the company's "PointsPlus" plan designed to guide people to make healthful decisions by tracking points assigned to foods.

Weight Watchers says it is the "company's biggest innovation in 13 years."

But Jenny Craig is trying to one-up Weight Watchers with what it claims is the biggest overhaul in its 27-year history.

Jenny Craig's Metabolic Max program places a heavier greater emphasis on excercise, and features an activity monitor.

"What is great about the Metabolic Max program is that you can see how small amounts of activity can add up to something substantial," says Timothy Church, director of the Laboratory of Preventative Medicine at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center of Louisiana State University, in the company's press release.

Rival Nutrisystem has no new, innovative program, but they have reportedly intensified their advertising, with spots featuring Marie Osmond, who combined the "Dancing with the Stars" diet with Nutrisystem for a successful weight loss.

Sources: USA Today and MediaPost

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