Were pomegranates really the forbidden fruit? POM Wonderful ads promote sexual benefits

Last month I posted about the feud between the Federal Trade Commission and the folks who make POM pomegranate products. The FTC said it made deceptive health claims in advertising.

Well, now comes word that POM Wonderful is launching a new advertising campaign that is highly sensual in nature--suggesting that POM could improve your sex life.

The first ad suggests Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, introduced the pomegranate to the island of Cyprus as an aphrodisiac. Another spot shows a naked Eve in the Garden of Eden holding a pomegranate (not an apple) to tempt Adam.

When asked if pomegranates could improve sex drive, Lynda Resnick, co-owner of the POM Wonderful brand said, "I certainly believe it does,"

The company will reportedly spend $10 million airing spots through November, and expects to sell 3 million cartons of fruit (24 pomegranates per carton) this year.

Source: USA Today

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