What a difference a day makes: American Idol schedule shift creates sponsor winners and losers

This season, "American Idol" has decided to shake things up a bit.

First, there was the major shift in the judging panel--with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez joining the cast.

But it is Fox's decision to move "American Idol" to Wednesday and Thursday (from Tuesday and Wednesday nights) that seems to have major implications to the all-important advertising sponsors.

The schedule shift impacts advertising not only on Fox, but the other networks who program against the mega hit.

The shift affects 1,600 spots or almost $1 billion in airtime. "Idol" sponsors with Thursday slots will be getting a more premium placement, but marketers who spent more for Thursday inventory on other networks will likely try to renegotiate their rates based on estimates of how large an audience the top-rated "Idol" will draw.

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