Wheat Thins hires a witty mustache to be its front man, and suggests you "Do-Minatrix"

Wheat Thins' latest advertising campaign introduces the "Do-Minatrix," he's little more than a mustache with a wit--something we'd suggest is a mix of Charlie Sheen and Isaiah Mustafa's Old Spice man. The spots say he is here to help you get stuff done. Unfortunately, we are not sure how this relates to Wheat Thin snacks.

The campaign has a Wheat Thins Facebook page, of course, where you can choose your resolution for the year. Similar spots keep telling you to "do it" when it comes to whatever it is you have resulved to do in the new year--again, relevace to Wheat Thins? 

The campaign is fun and entertaining (also some friends have suggested that the mustachioed guy is a little creepy) but doesn't tie much back to the brand. We call this an entertaining failure.

Meet the "Do-Minatrix" below and let us know what you think of the ad in the comments.

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