Whole Foods mandates eco-friendly packaging for store branded supplements and body-care products

Whole Foods has a new set of packaging guidelines for nutritional supplements and personal care products mandating suppliers use packaging materials that are easily reused or recycled, are non-toxic, and that they switch from plastic to glass when possible.

"We are strengthening our commitment to reducing, reusing and recycling waste," Jeremiah McElwee, senior whole body coordinator for Whole Foods tells StyleList.

"We have switched to post-consumer recycled bottles for most of our store-brand personal care and nutritional supplement products, and have implemented new responsible packaging guidelines for all of the company's more than 1300 personal care product suppliers nationwide," adds McElwee.

Whole Foods follows brands like The Body Shop and Stila who have long had a history of eco-friendly packaging. P&G's has also announced plans to switch to sustainable packaging made from sugarcane.

Sources: Whole Foods blog and Styleist

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