Wild Turkey bourbon says “Give ‘Em The Bird”

For the first time in its 157 year history, Wild Turkey bourbon has created an advertising campaign.

The “Give ‘Em The Bird,” theme was started last year by the brand as a way of changing the meaning of a colloquial term.

The humorous spot highlights a newbie bartender’s understandable hesitancy to obey his fellow, seasoned barman’s direction (“Just give ‘em the bird!”) to an intimidating, surly-looking patron. However, it’s soon revealed to the novice drink slinger that “Give ‘Em The Bird ” is innocuous bar slang for serving up a drink of famous Wild Turkey Bourbon.

 “Airing this new campaign is another incredible milestone in the storied history of Wild Turkey,” said Jimmy Russell, Master Distiller at Wild Turkey Bourbon and a 58-year distilling veteran. “When Bourbon was first distilled on Wild Turkey Hill here in Kentucky, the most popular form of communication was shouting down the road.  Now, after all those years, our brand can reach millions through its first television advertising.  I guess some would call that progress.”

The spot is directed by Bob Giraldi, whose famed credits include Michael Jackson’s award-winning “Beat It” music video, as well as the famous 1984 Pepsi commercial starring Jackson, which is one of the most-watched ads of all time. The campaign was developed by FLY Communications out of New York, NY.

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