Will Ferrell connects to a local vibe with Old Milwaukee ads

Comedian Will Ferrell is the latest spokesperson for Old Milwaukee beer. Apparently, he approached the Pabst Brewing Company-owned company asking to do the ads because he is a fan of the beer.

The ads are designed to run locally in Davenport, Iowa and Terra Haute, Indiana with local references to the town. Seemingly bootleg copies have been posted to YouTube, so they're getting global attention.

Daren Metropoulos, co-owner of Pabst Brewing Company, is quoted as saying: "Will Ferrell approached Old Milwaukee about creating ads because he's a big fan of the brand. He was interested in developing something unique and we gave him the freedom to pursue his creative vision and produce these spots with a local vibe."

The ads feature Ferrell in what appear to be improvisational skits. Reportedly, Ferrell made about four of the ads in Terra Haute, Indiana, and as many as ten in Davenport.  Grainy, pparently viewer-recorded versions appear on YouTube.

The question is, is this all a guerilla social media project designed to get national attention, or is this a quirky Hollywood star just wanting to have a little fun? Ferell's from Orange County, California (in the shadow of Hollywood) so he's not exactly getting back to his roots with these ads.

Faux-local or not, the spots are good fun, and are getting good press for Old Milwaukee.

Sources: Adweek and Eater

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