Will Oprah get to OWN cable television?

This Saturday marked the unveling of the much anticipated OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.

If the announcement of the termination of her daytime talk show after 25 seasons was the start of a life-change for Winfrey, Saturday marked a first maturation point of her evolution.

The network is still in its infancy, with most of its programming "scheduled to be introdiced" later this year.

However, the kickoff pulled in some decent numbers--at least high enough to ward off anyone from hinting at anything close to failure.

On average, OWN pulled in 1 million viewers on the first day. No doubt far better than the "Discovery Health" channel it is replacing. At its viewing peak on Saturday night, the Wall Street Journal reports that more women between the ages of 25-54 were watching OWN than all but two other cable networks--ESPN and USA.


Time will tell whether Oprah's 7 million daytime talkshow viewers will find her on premium cable (channel 220 on Comcast in San FRancisco and 115 on Time Warner Cable in Mangattan ) and whether she and her universe of Oprah-made celebrities will be worth a 24/7 audience.


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