William Levy Shills for Pepsi NEXT. Spin the Wheel of Levy and See What Comes Up.

Pepsi NEXT is targeted at guys who don’t want to drink a “diet” drink, but also don’t want to drink all that sugar that’s in regular Pepsi. And now, they’ve got a drinking partner.

Model William Levy has been hired to help the company appeal to guys, women, as well as a niche of Hispanic drinkers who might be interested in the only cola to deliver real cola taste with 60% less sugar.

Levy creates six characters in the campaign—each one a post-macho caricature. From Rambo to Star Trek, goofiness is on display in this innovative campaign.

 “I’m excited to show fans a few unexpected sides of myself to help quench their thirst for a great tasting cola with less sugar,” says Levy. “Whether it’s rocking out or fighting bad guys, I’m giving it my all to ensure you won’t be able to resist the unbelievable taste of Pepsi NEXT.”

And of course, there is an interactive component to the campaign. “Simply visit WheelofLevy.com to spin the “Wheel of Levy,” and decide on which Levy compels you to give into the unbelievable taste of Pepsi NEXT and register to receive a 2 Liter of Pepsi NEXT. And don’t worry; there is a Levy for everyone.”

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