Wonderbra's new 3D outdoor campaign features 6 feet of busty cleavage

The goal of outdoor advertising is to attract attention away from what you'd be otherwise doing.

And the new billboard for Wonderbra in the UK seems to be doing just that.

You see, the ad features 6 feet of busty cleavage--in 3D.

Yep, the ad for their new Full Effect brassiere near London's Waterloo station is best viewed through 3D specs.

To promote how their new bra makes women's breasts appear two sizes bigger than they are, Wonderbra handed out 3D glasses to lucky Londoners to better view the 20 foot billboard.

Julia Nolan from Wonderbra said of the campaign: 'As an iconic lingerie brand the 3D billboard is the perfect way to launch the campaign for our new bra, it brings to life the product's benefits in a bold and exciting way.'

Local safety advocates are not pleased with the campaign's effectiveness.

'I think it will be a distraction for men and women on the road. And you just need to lose concentration briefly while on the road and an accident could happen.' according to Vince Yearley, a spokesman for the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Source: UK Daily Mail

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