"You've been Spiced, bro"--Old Spice goes rogue, with a little douchbaggery

Some of you may be familiar with the real-world viral game featuring a Smirnoff Ice called "Getting Iced."

If a bro (yes, that's the correct demographic term for those who partake in such games) hands you a Smirnoff Ice, you have to get on one knee and drink the whole thing. But if you happen to have your own Smirnoff Ice, you can block the Icing, and the bro who tried to Ice you has to drink both bottles.

It has been described as a form of "street theater"

And, it has been good for the Smirnoff brand, who it has been suggested, started this whole thing as a guerrilla marketing program.

And now, with the popularity of the new Old Spice Man phenomenon, bro's have a change of getting "Spiced" as well as "Iced"

The rules of the game are the same--if a bro hands you an Old Spice Body Wash, you have to get on one kneeand pour the gooy (but manly) liquid all over your body. But if you happen to have your own Old Spice product, you can block the Spicing, and the bro who tried to Spice you has to shower himself with both bottles.

To be sure, the videos of "Spicing" currently posted to Bros Spicing Bros are staged, but consider these mock Spicings as simply a seed program for what's sure to be the next viral game.

As for me, this whole guerilla effort has made me a little paranoid.

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