Dirty Doll Laundry: Toy maker accuses Mattel of spying and stealing secrets

As you may have heard, the maker of Bratz dolls has been in a protracted legal battle with Mattel, the iconic toy maker. The issue is around copyright infringement, with Mattel essentially claiming that its competitor stole trade secrets by hiring eight former Mattel workers who took confidential documents with them when they left.

But now MGA Entertainment, the maker of Bratz Dolls, is turning the legal table on Mattel, claiming that Mattel has been spying on its rivals and stealing trade secrets for at least 15 years.

In a legal filing, Bratz maker MGA Entertainment Inc. alleges Mattel employees used fake name badges to gain entry to the private showrooms of MGA, Hasbro, and other toy manufacturers, and secretly photographed new toy product designs at toy fairs.

It claims the spies were part of  Mattel's market intelligence group, who, through deceptive means, got advance information on new toy lines, price lists and marketing strategies.

Mattel said MGA's claims are baseless. "They are a cynical attempt to deflect attention from MGA's own wrongdoing,'' said a Mattel spokeswoman.

Source: The Wall Street Journal and Reuters

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