Gillette Fusion ProGlide "Razor Guys" have the "Ultimate Summer Job"--shaving their way cross the country

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor guys are part of Gillette’s newest marketing campaign; targeting a younger audience, and using social media.

The razor guys are winners of the shaving company’s “Ultimate Summer Job,’’ requiring them to be shaving ambassadors and to try to convince other guys into using the shaving brand’s newest product.

They've been on a summer road trip, with all expenses paid, and pirques like VIP access to ESPN’s ESPY sports awards, NASCAR car races, and Major League Baseball games, oh, and of course, tickets to games at Gillette Stadium in Boston.

The guy-bassadors have been posting consumer reactions on the promotion’s website, and have been recording their adventures on a video blog and on Twitter.

Gillette clearly understands that one key to business success is frequent usage, and the way to encourage usage is to connect with their target audience.

At each stop on their summer road trip,  the ambassadors set up a mobile sink and let other dudes shave away. So far, have given away 10,000 razor samples.

“Young guys can relate to us,’’ said Jason Fisher, one of the ambassadors. “We’re not celebrities. We’re not paid endorsers. We’re just two normal guys.’

Source: Boston Globe

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